Greg R. Olson

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Reviewed By: Greg R. Olson

This past September 24th and 25th the Textron Board of Directors from Providence, Rhode Island help they're quarterly meeting in Rockford, Illinois. As with any Board of Directors meeting, the preplanning, the site preparations and the transportation are critical elements to the success and/or failure of such a meeting.

As Site Coordinator, I am very pleased to announce that our Board of Directors meeting went exceptionally well in almost all cases we exceeded the expectations of the board members that joined us from around the globe.

As Coordinator of all transportation, the challenges were at hand. One Executive Motor Coach; eleven limousine rides from and to O'Hare International Airport; nine Textron Corporate Jets; sixteen rented Lincoln Town Cars and Aerostar Vans; all to transport 48 people by the minute, the hour and the day. All transportation needs were served well and exceeded expectations.

That brings me to Classic Limousine, you, your drivers and your greeters. Each is to be commended for their friendly, courteous, exceptional and professional manner in taking care of our limousine needs both September 24th and 25th. Always with a smile. Never a hesitation. And constant positive communications.

Together, all at Classic Limousine...deserve high recognition for a job well done. Not just in meeting, but exceeding our highest expectations for limousine service.

On behalf of all Textron Fastening System employees. I commend Classic Limousine...because it is well deserved. You are the very finest when it comes to superior customer service and "Delighting the Customer"!

Greg R. Olson
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